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Gas Hot Water System

When it comes to getting Hot Water for your household Neighborhood Plumbers has the knowledge and the expertise to install or repair your Electric Hot Water system. When compared across Hot Water System types, Electric has its advantages, such as being able to run your hot water heater on off-peak electricity, to more straightforward servicing and maintenance of the system.

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Gas Hot Water System
Melbourne Tips & Tricks

When to know if you need Gas Plumber to inspect your Gas Hot Water Unit
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Check Your Valves

Check your Gas Hot Water Pressure and Temperature Relief (PTR) Valve. Your PTR valve is usually located on the right upper hand side of your unit and is usually a brass colour, so if you see droplets of water you know you are in the beginning of a Gas Hot Water Problem.

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Colour Changes

Change in colour can also be a sign. If your hot water colour is just not as clear as it used to be when turning on the hot water.

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Failing Water Temperature

This means the burner or burner system in your unit is just not efficient anymore causing your system delays in heating up your water hence why at times you get sudden cold snaps in the shower or whilst using hot water in your home.

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Water is Too Hot

90% of hot water systems have a tempering valve that controls the heat produced from the water, so if you notice your hot water is too hot, then its time to look into your tempering valve or valves.

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Gas Smells

Call a Licensed Plumber if you smell gas coming from or near your Gas Hot Water System. This is a sign that your Gas Pressure is non compliant and your pressure or your iregulator is not running well.

We are licensed plumbers & Expert gas fitters Neighborhood Plumbers

In the household or workplace when it comes to Hot Water System reliability is key. As licenced plumbers and expert gas fitters, we can repair a range of different brands such as Rheem, Vulcan, Bosch and Rinnai at the best industry rates.

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With zero call out fees, you can rely on us to get the job completed to the highest quality.
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Do I need my water pressure checked?

This test is free of charge when you book in a qualified Neighborhood Local Plumber.

This helps us understand whether your home water pressure is compliant to Victorian compliance and regulations, your parts warranty is bound by your water pressure and so is the longevity of your new taps and mixers.

Legal Requirements

Following regulations in Australia operating at a safe range for pressure measurement, all copper piping and water lines, mixers, toilets, cisterns, shower mixers to even hot water and dishwashers all require an average 500 kPa (Kilopascal).

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What you need to know: Gas Hot Water Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the considerations before installing a Gas Hot Water System?
Do you install and source? Is it same day service?
What are the different systems you can install?
How often do you need to check your Gas Hot Water System? Do you need a plumber to check this?
What are the common signs that I need to replace my Gas Hot Water System?
What are the steps I should take if there is a problem with my Gas Hot Water System?
What is a tempering valve?

The first consideration would be the type of Gas Hot Water System that would be suitable for your home, whether it would be Gas Storage, instantaneous or continuous flow. Other considerations include.

  • Number of users
    How many people in the household, how often do they use the shower? Do they have people staying over at the property often?
  • Budget options
    Upfront costs versus operating costs should be understood as this could dictate wether you use gas, electric or solar.
  • Energy efficiency
    Depending on the local area and if there are solar panels installed, Neighborhood Plumbers can advise on what can work for your situation.
  • Size
    Linked to the first question on how many users as well as the space at the location is very important.
  • Accessibility
    With the hot water systems we take into account how accessible it is, for example for the elderly we instantaneously plug them in. If strong gusts of wind turns off the hot water system it automatically turns back on without the need to go outside and click it back on.

We install and also source the unit. We do same day service. The worst case scenario would be the following day. If the unit is unavailable we try to source it out for the next day as well.


We have worked with  the big names, Rheem, Vulcan, Bosch and Rinnai; however we work with whichever brand the customer prefers.


We recommend checking the safety valves once a month by pulling the PTR valve for a couple of seconds, to release any pressure. We recommend that every 3- 5 years to change the valves including your PTR and as well as your thermostat.


Checking your Gas Hot Water System periodically is important however you need to know what to look for. The most common signs that you need to replace your Gas Hot Water System.

  • Luke warm water
  • Brown water from your Hot water taps
  • The pilot light keeps turning off
  • Water pressure is very low
  • The Tank is leaking from the outside

If there is a problem with your Gas Hot Water System we suggest turning on all the safety valves located on the left hand side. If it is on a Continuous Hot Water System just underneath the unit just turning it horizontally should shut off all the gas and water until an inspection can be done by our Plumbers.


A tempering valve is used to regulate and manage the temperature of the water using a 3-way valve to mix hot and cold water. The valve sets to achieve a temperature of 50 degrees and can be adjusted. This is to prevent scalding and accidental burns from occurring and in most states is a mandatory requirement when installing your Gas Hot Water System. Our Plumbing experts have had experience with installation and repair of such Gas Hot Water Systems and you can rest assured that our installation will be within compliance with safety regulations.

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